Warranty Documents

About Our Lifetime Warranties

Dimension One Spas offers the best hot tub warranty with a lifetime guarantee, made possible by our UltraLife™ shell. Our shell’s surface material is structurally warranted not to leak for the life of the hot tub. As a result, any shell expenses will be covered within the first 7 years, and all expenses other than shipping are covered after 7 years.

Also, our shell’s texture provides a non-skid surface that is not prone to scratching, dulling or crazing like a colored acrylic shell. It is the most durable shell material you can find on the market today with the best hot tub warranty.

UltraLife white picks up the LED lights in your spa more than a darker acrylic shell, making it safer to enter and exit the hot tub. It reflects D1’s multi-colored LED lights allowing you to make the inside of the spa virtually any color you want.

Similarly, Dimension One Spas’s skirting is covered with a 7-year warranty that covers defect and structural integrity. This hot tub warranty includes Envirotect, which is made with environmentally friendly, recycled materials and is extremely durable and weather resistant. Also included is our exclusive Terracina™ skirting, which has the look of real wood without the upkeep. This skirting is weather resistant, will not crack or fade and does not require staining.

We promise that both your UltraLife shell and skirting will look like new, years after you’ve made your purchase. Because it is resistant to cracking, blistering, discoloration and other wear, you will need to perform very little maintenance, which gives you more time to enjoy your tub!

We want you to be happy with your hot tub years after your purchase, not just when leaving the showroom. Your D1 dealer is a great resource to address any questions or concerns you may have about your hot tub warranty.