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Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Dimension One Spas® prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility through high-performance heating systems, efficient equipment, adherence to environmental regulations, sustainable manufacturing practices, and the use of green materials, ensuring a luxurious and eco-conscious spa experience.

Dimension One Spas® is dedicated to energy efficiency, recognizing that a spa's core benefit lies in its hot water. To achieve a high-performance, cost-effective heating system, we employ various elements and hold certifications to ensure exceptional energy consumption standards. Our products surpass the rigorous requirements set by the California Energy Commission (CEC), known for its stringent energy consumption standards. With TUV certification and continuous foam insulation, our spas achieve remarkable monthly consumption values, delivering efficient heating while minimizing energy use. Moreover, 85% of pump heat is efficiently recovered for water heating, contributing to energy conservation.

Efficiency is further heightened through efficient equipment usage in our spas. Our massage pumps are potent yet low-consumption, designed for silent operation, guaranteeing an exceptional spa experience with minimal energy use. Strategic placement of circulation pumps optimizes efficiency, while the patented FastFloRTM heater rapidly warms water. The Smart Hub Control Board enhances filtration cycle control, optimizing energy consumption as per specific needs, culminating in energy-efficient spa systems.

Dimension One Spas® extends its commitment to environmental responsibility to its global offices. Our policies and practices reflect the principles of sustainable development, aligning profitability with ecology. We actively endorse environmental initiatives like the California Energy Commission, the RoHS Directive for hazardous electronic component regulation, and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for responsible forest management and sustainably sourced building wood. Our environmental dedication goes beyond rhetoric, deeply ingrained in our corporate philosophy and reputation.

Embracing lean manufacturing, we aim to eliminate waste and excessive transportation, streamlining production. Self-sufficient energy production reduces reliance on external resources, greening the manufacturing process. FSC plantation wood and Envirotect, crafted from recycled milk bricks, underscore our focus on green materials. These initiatives create spas that consume minimal energy while promoting eco-friendly water management, minimizing chemical inputs.

Our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility is evident through high-performance heating systems, efficient equipment, regulatory support, sustainable manufacturing, and green materials. We go beyond industry norms, ensuring our spas offer a luxurious and eco-conscious experience.


Essential Indulgence

Dimension One Spas® believes that indulging oneself is essential for a joyful and fulfilling life, and our meticulously crafted hot tubs are designed to provide a tailored and luxurious experience that combines artful design, scientific innovation, and personalized features to elevate relaxation to new heights.

Premium Quality

Dimension One Spas® prioritizes durability and longevity in our spas by meticulously selecting materials such as Acrylinc Cuvettes, UltraLife®, elastocast, and timber, ensuring minimal maintenance, consistent performance, resistance to elements, and sustainability for an exceptional and long-lasting spa experience.

Deliberate Design

Dimension One Spas® merges wellness and elegant design with our patented curvilinear design, meticulous attention to detail, eco-friendly materials, wood imitation film, durable UltraLast covers, and chrome-plated jets, crafting visually stunning and functionally refined spas.

Patented Water Care

Dimension One Spas® leads the industry with innovative and environmentally responsible water treatment systems, providing crystal-clear water that looks, smells, and feels great, while reducing chemical usage and maintenance time.