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With 46 years of excellence, Dimension One Spas ® continues to inspire with our cutting-edge technology, unwavering passion, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our journey of innovation and success is a testament to our position as a global leader in the spa industry and aquatic fitness systems.​

Shopping for a hot tub with a certified D1® Hot Tubs dealer offers you the opportunity to take advantage of custom-tailored services and support. Helping turn an exciting, yet overwhelming experience into one that is both pleasant and rewarding.

Hot Tub Store Checklist

Your first visit to a hot tub store can be an exciting one. You no doubt have a bunch of questions about how to buy a hot tub.

Maybe you are interested in finding out about the different hot tub suppliers on the market, perhaps you are looking for hot tub financing or hot tub sales, or you have a particular hot tub model in mind and want to get a D1 Spa® quote from a hot tub dealer nearby.

Visiting your local D1 Spa® dealer is a great way to get all your questions answered, so it is important to come prepared. Which is why we have put together a hot tub dealer visit checklist that will help buy a hot tub with confidence.

Before you visit the Hot Tub store

Take photos of your backyard to show your hot tub dealer where and how you envision placement of your new hot tub or spa.

If space is tight, gather measurements of the areas you are considering. Use those to figure out and sketch potential yard design ideas and hot tub placement.

Call ahead to the spa dealer to see if you can schedule a private “wet test.” (Plan to bring a swimsuit if so.

Things to consider when buying a Hot Tub

Help your local hot tub dealer by preparing answers to these quick (but important) hot tub questions.

Who will be using the hot tub?

How many people will be using the hot tub at once?

Are they very tall/short?

Are they very young or have special needs?

What will be the main uses of the hot tub?

  • Relaxation
  • Relief of joint pain
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Recovery
  • Training
  • Entertainment
  • Family togetherness time
  • Mental well-being
  • Overall stress reduction
  • Improve sleep
Touch and feel

Take full advantage of your visit to your local hot tub store by getting a feel for the following:

Jets. At a minimum, test the hot tub jets with your hand, ideally during a wet test. How adjustable are the jets? Do they match up with high tension areas for optimum hydromassage benefits? What’s the pressure variety?

Seats. For many people, the best place to buy a hot tub is with a hot tub dealer because you can take the time to try out a hot tub and see how the seats fit your needs. Get in a hot tub. Since they vary in size and depth considerably, make sure the seats are not too small or too large.

Sound. Another reason to visit a spa dealer is to compare the sound of the hot tub when running. How loud is it? How does the waterfall sound?

Other things to consider when shopping for a D1 Spa

When buying a hot tub, consider things like remote monitoring and control. Some hot tub models work in tandem with mobile apps so you can control settings, schedule hot tub maintenance, and find personalized use and care content right from your smart device.

Hot tub accessories. From coordinating steps to make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub to umbrellas to add protection from the elements and a touch of style, there are many functional yet aesthetic hot tub accessories to customize your hot tub experience.

Upgrades. Advanced hot tub water management systems and premium cabinetry materials are just a couple of options that can provide a more luxurious experience.

Discuss Hot Tub Pricing and Hot Tub Financing

Buying a hot tub is a significant investment, no matter how much your initial hot tub cost. When it comes to hot tub pricing there are many factors to consider including: maintenance, utility bills, and service. Discuss the following with your hot tub store:

How much do hot tubs cost? Craftsmanship and quality of materials, including the spa exterior, internal functions, and control panel all play a factor here. Look at features, such as water management systems, lighting choices, stereos, and smart technology options.

Hot tub warranty. Don't overlook the importance of a solid warranty with your hot tub purchase. Reputable companies will stand behind their products with a comprehensive warranty that covers the exterior as well as the interior, including the pump, heater, and controls.

Hot tub financing: Financing options, dealer promotions, and rebates are all important when buying a hot tub.

Additional questions to discuss with your spa dealer

Hot tub water care: What is the difference between UV and Ozone?

Ease of hot tub ownership: What technology and apps make hot tub ownership easier?

Reputation: Do you offer any hot tub dealer references?

Hot tub installation: Can I install the hot tub myself? What are the plumbing and electrical requirements? What is the difference between Plug ‘n Play and wired in regard to hot tubs?

Hot tub warranty? What hot tub warranty does your local hot tub dealer offer? What does the hot tub warranty cover?

Wrapping up your Hot Tub store visit

Inspiration. Ask your hot tub store to view photos of prior installations- they’re a great source of inspiration.

Getting ready. Discuss the pre-delivery kit with your hot tub dealer during your hot tub store visit.

Check availability. How soon can your hot tub be delivered? Who should you contact for support after you buy a hot tub?