Why D1
All Climate Insulation

All Climate Insulation

D1® revolutionized the spa industry by introducing the first fully insulated spa, utilizing a comprehensive thermal, structural, and sound insulation system that retains heat, reinforces the structure, and minimizes noise, creating an optimal and tranquil spa experience in any climate.

When it comes to optimal spa insulation, foam insulation is the unanimous choice among manufacturers. Its exceptional properties, even preferred for refrigerators, make it the gold standard. In 1981, D1® led an industry revolution by introducing the first fully insulated spa.

D1's insulation system showcases distinct characteristics. The spa's foundation starts with a layer of high-density foam, providing top-notch thermal insulation from the base. A second layer of high-density foam coats the spa's walls, further enhancing side insulation. The package is completed with an insulated cover that ensures thermal insulation from the top.

This comprehensive thermal insulation yields remarkable benefits. Heat retention from the bottom, sides, and top guarantees efficient temperature maintenance, regardless of the climate. Not only does this design keep the spa's interior warm, but it also minimizes heat loss, allowing for a cozy and comfortable spa experience.

Beyond thermal insulation, D1® prioritizes structural and sound insulation. The reinforced base provides a solid foundation, ensuring stability, absorbing pump pressure, and minimizing leakage risks. Additionally, it secures piping during transport and installation.

D1® excels in sound insulation, cultivating a serene spa environment. Noise isolation includes engine sounds, vibrations, and water circulation noises in the pipes. By reducing unwanted noise, D1® offers an immersive spa experience, free from distractions.

With D1's comprehensive insulation, you can enjoy your spa regardless of the climate, confident in heat retention, reinforced structure, and minimized sound. Immerse yourself in tranquility, relishing the soothing oasis that D1® presents.


Essential Indulgence

Dimension One Spas® believes that indulging oneself is essential for a joyful and fulfilling life, and our meticulously crafted hot tubs are designed to provide a tailored and luxurious experience that combines artful design, scientific innovation, and personalized features to elevate relaxation to new heights.

Premium Quality

Dimension One Spas® prioritizes durability and longevity in our spas by meticulously selecting materials such as Acrylinc Cuvettes, UltraLife®, elastocast, and timber, ensuring minimal maintenance, consistent performance, resistance to elements, and sustainability for an exceptional and long-lasting spa experience.

Deliberate Design

Dimension One Spas® merges wellness and elegant design with our patented curvilinear design, meticulous attention to detail, eco-friendly materials, wood imitation film, durable UltraLast covers, and chrome-plated jets, crafting visually stunning and functionally refined spas.

Patented Water Care

Dimension One Spas® leads the industry with innovative and environmentally responsible water treatment systems, providing crystal-clear water that looks, smells, and feels great, while reducing chemical usage and maintenance time.