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Vision FAQs

Hot Tub Parts and Accessories – Vision Filter– Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vision Filter?

Vision is an alternative sanitizing system that can be used in conjunction with your Water Management System. The advantage of Vision over conventional halogens (Bromine and Chlorine) is that it will, as a result of lower chemical use, provide softer-feeling water. Additionally, low chemical levels can mean fewer dissolved solids, which results in less hot tub chemicals and maintenance. For the most efficient ordering, click Find a D1 Dealer to find your closest dealer.

How does Vision work?

The Vision Sanitizing System has no moving parts and requires no electrical connections. It contains a powerful, Silver (Ag) catalyst bed with a large surface area. Water circulates through the Vision Sanitizing System, then through the spa filters, then through the heater housing and returned to the bathing area. When used with a combination of a Water Management System and a Chlorine base, Vision provides a soft, residual bactericide that compliments the natural oxidizing power of ozone and the sanitizing power of Chlorine. Refer to the Water Care Guide Supplement for information on your spa’s Water Management System.

How often do I have to replace Vision?

The Vision Sanitizing System needs to be replaced every 6 months. For your convenience the Vision cartridge features an exclusive “Installed/Replace” ring which should be set to the month that the cartridge is installed. The Vision cartridge may be purchased from your local D1 dealer.

Can I use Vision instead of my current sanitizer?

Yes, Vision is an excellent alternative to conventional sanitizers and offers clean, clear water without the harsh chemical smell, red eyes, bleached clothing and dry skin. The new Universal cartridge replaces the following products: Pure Vision cartridge, Ultra Vision cartridge, Crystal Vision System-Complete, Crystal Vision Cartridge, Crystal Vision Basket and Crystal Vision Lid.

Why is Vision recommended?

Vision is recommended because it uses natural minerals to keep your hot tub water extremely clean. It extends the life of your spa water for up to 6 months. Vision naturally kills bacteria and algae while reducing chemical use and requires fewer spa refills annually to improve the overall water clarity. Vision maximizes bather comfort and reduces the chlorine smell.

Why use Vision instead of Nature2?

On average, Vision is to be replaced every 6 months, whereas Nature2 is to be replaced every 4 months.

Can the Vision be used to reduce chorine usage in spas without the ozone system?

Yes, Vision will reduce chlorine usage regardless. We recommend using it with the UltraPURE Water Management System (with Ozone), because the system uses a circulation pump and separate filter in addition to the Vision cartridge on top of it. Water is circulating at a slower pace and increasing the probabilities to kill bacteria during 24 hours. If you use Vision on a spa without the UltraPURE Water Management System, you would have to put it on top of the jet pump filter, and since the water is flowing faster, you might not kill as much bacteria, but you will reduce the use of chlorine.

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